Jenn Alvin, woman with glasses and a ponytail taking a selfie in a cobblestone alley
I am a seasoned digital professional skilled in launching user experiences globally, including leading Nike's e-commerce expansion into 14 languages across 20+ countries. With expertise in product management, localization, and user-centered design, I champion user acceptance testing programs and am passionate about crafting tailored experiences for global markets. Learn more about my consulting services at Be Global Think Local.
I lead with empathy, and I believe that technology should make people’s lives better. Let’s make the world a better place.
My most critical work values
Celebrate authenticity.
Believe in abundance.
Lead with enthusiasm.
Build community.
Promote collaboration.
Deliver innovation.
I'm also an artist!
As a prolific maker, I delve into everything from leather crafting to spinning yarn and sewing. Through my crafty blog, Jenn Likes to Make Things, I aim to inspire others to embrace experimentation, understanding that failure is not the opposite of success but an integral part of it. I firmly believe in plunging ahead and learning by doing — every craft mishap is a stepping stone to becoming a better maker.
See also: Perpetual learner and knowledge-seeker. Prodigious user of sticky-notes. Connector of dots. Yoga devotee. Collector of motivational quotations. List maker. White board enthusiast.
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